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                                 Spiritual Healing* :

Following an accident , bereavement or difficult passage , you are at a crossroads in your life, looking for a deeper personal goal and having in mind metaphysical questions that disrupt your usual value system

                                                  How will you find your place in the universe as well as with others ?

* the term " Spiritual healing " may surprise .... This requires some explanations .

In France , we have inherited a system of values that helped us build a real rational and logical foundation and a strong spirit , combining criticism and skepticism. But this can sometimes lead us to cynicism , and bring a lot of disappointments.

In the Anglo -Saxon world , the role of intuition , imagination and magic in everyday life have contributed to guide people to profound positive changes , and it was at this school that I was formed.

But let's not be fooled: : the use of intuition without rooting into reality, and without the guardrail of solid logic, one can reallytotally escape into an illusory world !

So I kept from each school all its positive aspects to make a personal synthesis that will allow me to guide you through the maze. 
I may be Ariane  holding the thread , but you move on at your own pace !



To be spiritually healed, one needs to verify
by himself if the so called "spirituals truths that
he has learned have not been deliberately hidden or transformed

To be healed one needs to understand the depth and the quality of the wounds coming from his own strifes, so that they will not crush his soul 


Understanding the uprooting

There is a deep wound in the Western life-style : we were cut off from our roots by our catholic upbringing, it led me to believe that "paganism" meant  "lack of spirituality", but nothing is more wrong. The writings that the Romans and Greeks left to us say that the Gaulish people were very religious.
To become whole and independent, one has to be able to discern that within any spirituality there are tools towards freedom and a clever way to get rid of materialism and selfishness .
Honoring our ancestors is an important duty of Gratitude, but our ancestors are not all nice grand-parents 

Understand the true nature of the Spirit

Misunderstanding, arbitrary, greed, hypocrisy and fear of the Sacred Feminine has led to the destruction of shamanic cultures of America and Russia, and the establishment of the Inquisition in the Middle Ages .

I studied for over 35 years scriptures and I practice meditation.
Thanks to the thorough study of Reiki, I began my spiritual healing, which finally brought me to my own tradition: the Celtic tradition, but there are many other ways, and the early traditions have a lot to us. learn.
One of the positive effects of Reiki, beyond healing, is to help the person regain its essence, its natural deep spiritual nature, and to put it into practice for the benefit of all beings.
This is what true healing is about, it's also an ability to analyze harmful aspects of the society in which every human lives, and the ability to free himself from the grip of these aspects, as, indeed,
no human society is perfect.

Healer, heal yourself first !

My personal story led me to try to understand what was happening to the body at the emotional level, and I made several psychotherapies first two years of Behaviorism, which brought part of my self-confidence back, and whho led me to dare to say in my family what does not work, then 4 years of Gestalt therapy to regain the friendship with my own body and sensations, a few sessions back into past lives and intra-uterine life , haptonomy sessions, and clinical and family psychotherapy.
PHEW! the return of the soul has sometimes a price... But the price you pay for NOT DOING IT is astronomical.

There are therapists whose consciousness is opened by the grace of something not found in books: personal experience.
If we talk about the Christian way, Jesus came to give us access to the Sacred Garden, one of the most striking examples of this reality is found in the writings of St. Francis of Assisi, "the song of creation."
It is therefore much more like the Original Blessing than the Original Sin .... (see Matthew Fox)

The origins of Christianity gave birth to a multitude of spiritual currents (often Gnostic) that were deliberately destroyed by the proponents of a "law enforcement" who sought above all the political cohesion of the Roman Empire.

Finally I learned that the opening of the heart, necessary for any good quality spiritual growth is not the sole preserve of Christians ... Hindus (see the work of Amma), Buddhists and shamans also work very hard to help others!

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