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                      Wild plants gathering
                                   This workshop will be part of the country health cure

How not to fall in love?

Become a bee, wallowing in nectar, sheltering between the petals like in a big warm bed ...
Breathe the fresh scent and subtle marvel
of the infinity of shapes, colors, sizes, divisions and subdivisions, fractal geometry .... a real vertigo!
The csomic Mathematician 
at play ... not to mention the extraodinary
richness in vitamins, minerals and health protective substances which all wild plants are packed with, as they have not been genetically modified by man.
Some flowers are edible: artichoke, cauliflower, broccoli ... but also, and we know at least we can eat dandelion flowers, borage, nasturtium that will put in our salads a symphony of colors, and a little "je ne sais quoi" that flirts with kitchen "grande cuisine" we called this "eating
with eyes"

Wild edible plants gathering

In the winter, you can eat:

Daisy SHEETS, pulmonary, purple clover, mallow, wild fennel, picride, éperviaire, viper;
ROOTS wild parsnip, burdock, wild carrot (not bolting)
BULBS Allium
CAMBIUM of Elm, Chestnut, of Maple, Poplar, Birch (to take on twigs,
for the tree is healthy)
FROZEN or DRIED FRUITS: Heal, Apple wild medlar
LEAVES DRIED nettle, elm, which will complement the powder protein soups and salads
SEEDS knotweed of pigweed, bindweed, amaranth


IN AUTUMN you can eat

DRIED FRUITS : apple, Senelle, medlar, alise, rowan, cynnhrrodon
FRESH FRUIT: blueberry, blackberry, grape, apple, chestnut
FRUIT OIL: walnuts, beechnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts
STARCHY FRUIT : sweet acorns, chestnuts
ROOTS: Avens, burdock, radissol, chicory
AUBIER : linden, elder
SEEDS knotweed of pigweed, bindweed, amaranth
MUSHROOMS: mushrooms, horns of dried mushrooms, parasol, cuff

SUMMER, you can eat
YOUNG LEAVES of lambsquarters, Orach, amaranth, purple, amaranth, wild mustard, wild radish, wild cabbage
RODS of scraped thistle, aster of rocks
Seeds of cereals, fescue, milique, brome, foxtail and other grasses, mustard and purple
FRESH PODS  and wild legumes: peas, vetch, pea
FRESH FRUIT: strawberries, Bay of male dogwood, wild cherries, wild plums
COOKED FRUITS: rowan, elder (do not forget to cook, they are violently purgative when eaten raw..!)


You can eat

Linden, willow, poplar buds
RAW SHOOTS of  asparagus, butcher's broom, dandelion
COOKED SPROUTS of bryony, clematis, ferns, comfrey, pulmonary nettle
Raw LEAVES  of dandelion, chickweed, chickweed, chicory, yarrow, sorrel
YOUNG LEAVES of : elm, linden, beech, hawthorn
FLOWERS:  of garlic mustard, purple, pulmonary, dandelion (almost all flowers are edible, attention to those of poisonous plants though ...)
TREE Sap : pf birch, maple, poplar, linden
Cambium of : conifer, maple, ash, birch
, elder .






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Wild plants gathering


Mme Hélène Bessoles : Naturopathie, Reiki
82 avenue Yves Brunaud 31500 Toulouse, FRANCE
Métro : Station Jolimont
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