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                                                                         Physical Activity

Flexibility ..... and stretching.

an important phase for all those who suffer from chronic pain:  look also into the Hydration topic.
much improvement can be accomplished through daily practice a few minutes of relaxation
Finally, complete stretching of the spine should be a daily must !
Watch your cat: she is probably your best teacher .....
Among the practices accessible in the Gym, Yoga is very good (Be careful, do not ever practice it without the help of a competent teacher, my vertebrae still remember my overzealous attitude !) Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan are accessible to everyone, at any age, but again for a truly efficiency search for the advice of a certified teacher .

Among the recommended practices: Mézières method, Feldenkrais method, for those who have postural inadequacies, and McKenzie method for chronic neck soreness, are all taught by certified physiotherapists.
In my office, you get access to a methodology related to traditional Shiatsu , Diem Chan, deep breathing, muscle release through Qi-gong and meditation, as well as access to the Nubax unit .

Cardiovascular workout.

It is the second essential practice of a healthy lifestyle starts with a simple daily but regular walk, especially if you have been very sedentary.
Warning: A physician should check your blood pressure, your weight,  and ensure there is no heart or circulatory problems.
Do not overdo it, in a spirit of remorse ... This would lead you straight to the grave, no kidding...
Cardiovascular workout has to be REGULAR, SLOW, and PROGRESSIVE.

If you are over 40 with average health and moderate overweight :
Start with 20 minutes of bike or brisk walking in a park or in the countryside.
You will already appreciate your mood change ! And a fresh n' healthy looking face.
After a week, go for 30, then 40, then 50 minutes.
When you get to 50 minutes, you will start burning your excess fat regularly and loose all excess weight .


Ideal for those who do not feel motivated by lone sport practice, and moreover, suffer from joint problems.
The water carries away the gravity that is exerted on all joints, especially on the knees.
A well designed Aqua-gym program really sculpts the body and strengthens the tissues ...
So run, run ! Buy yourself a nice swimsuit!


What a joy ! Dancing rings back the joys of life, while dancing you will meet a community of positive-thinking people and if you are single .... might find your soul mate there ? So do not hesitate ....

Oriental dance.

Particularly recommended for women with gynecological problems, it is, with Hula-hop practice, t guarantee of a fine waistline, good flexibility and a good sensual confidence.
It is also a great way to unlock some of the problems associated with rigid education on sexuality....

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