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                                                                  HYDRATION AND

Let's consider the circulatory systems of the body with a bit of poetry ...

The "rivers" of the circulatory system ...

When the river runs dry,
When the river is poisoned,
When the river is artificially slowed
Life cannot flourish,
Aquatic plants and fish die.
The water loses its crystalline beauty.

In our bodies, rivers and streams are all blood vessels
The "lakes" of the lymphatic system ...

When the lake 's dry,
When trees are uprooted and plants uprooted,
When the garbage is piling up on its banks,
The landscape becomes sinister!

You then need to come clean up with
volunteers, and return the water
a level of harmonious balance.

Swamps and lakes correspond to the lymphatic system, slower and more "loaded" than the bloodstream.


Using these metaphors, we can easily understand the fundamental role of a daily hydration
(The water level ...), with the aid of a supply of pure water, but also the role of water-rich foods and potassium, such as fruits and vegetables (trees and plants .. .)

Debris are accumulated excesses of all kinds (alcohol, tobacco, drugs ...), as well as the huge amount of drugs, preservatives, dyes and fragrances, artificial flavorings in food industry, that the digestive track is not able to cope with .

Medicinal plants, vitamins and vegetals are the body natural cleansers .


Manual lymphatic drainage can complete and enhance the cleansing process .

Potassium in the body must balance the sodium.

Sodium is supplied by dairy products cheese, meats and pre-cooked meals.
Potassium can be found in fruits and vegetables, raw and cooked.

The excess of one or the other can be detrimental:

Misbehaved slimming diets too rich in raw foods are irritating to the gut and lead to a general weakening incompatible with sustained activity.

The modern industrialized food, in addition to numerous frauds , ( not very reassuring thing !) is known to be much too high in sodium, cooked "trans" fats, and a multitude of chemical additives , in order to be stored for an extended period .

This imbalance makes the bed of
oedema, hypertension, and cellulite, all precursors of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The key to good health / Eat a balanced diet, and drink water, water, plenty of water ...

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