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 Books about Reiki


For those who want to start with simple tools:  Reiki hands positions
editions Duplex Aquarius (Danielle Tonossi) starts easily by going directly to the point, this book meets the needs of those who have a busy schedule but still want to practice regularly.
Reiki Fire  NIANDO editions (Franck Arjava Petter ) is a very good intelligent and tactful book, which clearly discerns the differences between New-Age and  traditional Usui Reiki, it is an excellent start, a solid basis for first degree Reiki.

For those who are preparing their second degree: Reiki, the legacy of Dr. Usui
 NIANDO editions (Franck Arjava  Petter) Franck and his wife Chetna took their pilgrim's staff to trace the sources of Japanese Reiki, and give a fascinating series of tips for students of 1st and 2nd degrees.
Alchemy of Reiki  Grancher Editions (Paul Wagner) for those who wish to deeply understand the educational value of Reiki in Buddhist philosophy, a real good book on Reiki as a Dharma practice available to all .
For those who wish to deepen, and start considering the third degree or Master's degree:
The essence of Reiki 
NIANDO editions (W.Lübeck, F.A. Petter, W.L. Rand ) a very complete collective work, written with great intellectual honesty by three Reiki masters who have been into Reiki for a very long time, it is a must have.
The Complete Guide to Reiki  MAIL BOOK editions
(Tanmaya Honervogt) a neat and easy to read book, full of beautiful pictures, written with compassion,  a very tactful teaching, containing an interesting chapter on the art of meditation, it is a very practical guide full of advice for those who want to  teach Reiki  .
There are so many!
 Pay a visit  to your favorite esoteric bookstore , and let yourself be guided by your own intuition too.
I have just picked the ones I found deeper and closer to what we know today about the Usui original Japanese Tradition .






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